Friends On the Street

As a community outreach, we are always happy to help anyone who visits us and is in need. It is more common for us to give away more clothing and household goods than to sell them. After all, God provided it all for us and it’s up to us to give back. So, when our special couple who lives and does their ministry on the streets of Boise comes in (usually to get clothing for people they know are in need), we are excited to hear all that’s happening in their world.
They spend their days spreading God’s love and helping to provide in their own way to the least, the lost and the forgotten. They are in every since, an extension of us to a mission field that so needs Jesus. We are always so happy to give them whatever they need when they come in because we know that they are always using it to help others.
What’s more, they actually come in to minister to us. They bring us devotions that encourage and inspire us. Mostly, however, as we look into their eyes, we see Jesus. They don’t ever complain about the life that God has them ministering in. Instead, with eyes wide with hope and light they tell us about all the good things He does for them and how He gives them opportunities to serve. Wow! They are a wonderful example for all of us to follow. We are so blessed to know them.