Success Stories/Testimonials

March 24, 2017

Meet Doug…

Doug came to us in April of 2015. Now, in his early forties, he was finally ready to start living life for real. Right from the beginning, he displayed leadership abilities. A clean-cut, gentle, youthful spirit, it was hard to believe he had ever made poor choices. Yet, here he was with us.

Doug started out in our Kiowa House where “family” dinners, vegetable gardens, and Sunday afternoon football games were just a few healthy things the men shared. Starting out slowly, being faithful with his daily devotions, he looked forward to Sunday Fellowship Services. Doug began not just learning more about his Lord, he started to develop a personal relationship with Him, learning to fully trust Him.

Right from the start, he gained employment with a great company through a staffing agency. He began working as a laborer, in a temp capacity. After 60 days, he was hired on permanently. His God-given work ethic and integrity took him all the way to earning his current position of Foreman and Project Manager for the same company!

When we expanded to our Orchard Property and closed our Kiowa House, he was one of the men who moved over with us. By this time, we had grown very fond of Doug and he was an important part of the Loyal To One family.

Personally, Doug has been blessed with the support and love of his family. They are so happy to hear from him almost daily with updates on his progress and heart for God. This is the best he’s ever done in his life and they are so happy to have their little brother back.

As he continues to be obedient to God, he continues to be blessed by Him. He has two beautiful daughters and one of them has recently come back into his life after 14 years. The bonus is that his precious girls live close to each other and they communicate with him constantly.

Doug continues to move along successfully in life. He recently purchased a brand new car all on his own and he knows it’s a blessing from God. He has learned to really appreciate things so many other people can take for granted because he has had to start from the beginning in the middle of his life just to have what others have enjoyed for most of their lives.

He doesn’t realize what a blessing and inspiration he is to us. When we have difficult days, or people hurt the ministry and thus break our hearts, we truly do count our blessings and he is right at the top. Because of hearts and lives like Doug’s, we are encouraged to continue to care for our brothers.

Thank you Doug, for taking this gift of life so seriously, for always being there when we call for help, for caring for the other men and the ministry property, for being a wonderful example to all the new men who come to us and most of all for being our dear brother and friend. We love you and are so grateful you are in our lives!