Salvation In the Darkness

Salvation In the Darkness has made its way in the prisons, both here in Idaho and California. We are happy to say that we have given away more copies than we have sold because there are many hearts that need the encouragement while they find themselves in a dark place. To those of you who purchased the book, a big thank you for helping to support this ministry that began in the pages of this book. To those of you who have benefitted from reading it, we are blessed to have had a small part in that. To those who have never read it, hang on…it will break your heart, make you mad, make you smile and above all else, remind you just how great God is! This book is a collection of detailed journals that Pastor Joseph kept during his season of darkness that ultimately led to this beautiful ministry. God has a purpose for everything!

We have several copies available to purchase here in our Thrift Store, or you can click here and purchase one from Lulu Publishing. Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

We were blessed to celebrate the publishing of our book, Salvation In the Darkness, with a book launch a couple of Saturdays ago. Our sweet Ralene generously provided colorful balloons and floral arrangements to make the affair extra special. Many of our dear friends came by to celebrate with us and purchase a signed copy from Pastor Joseph and visit with us throughout the day. Additionally, some precious customers came in and were surprised with a piece of cake and a cup of coffee or punch. Altogether, the day turned out to be all that this ministry stands for – love, sharing and being honored by the presence of the community that we love and cherish. Thank you to all who have supported this ministry, helped provide for the publishing of this amazing book, and made our special day truly blessed!